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Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute

Where our optometric physicians strive to provide exceptional vision care. Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute is partnered with Utah Eye Centers, Hoopes Vision, Friends for Sight, EyeCare of Lehi, Orem Eye Clinic and Precision Vision.

Top Eye Doctor in Provo Utah for Exceptional Vision Care

Our Mission

Top Eye Doctor in Provo Utah for Exceptional Vision Care

Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute strives for our optometric physicians to be leaders and role models who define excellence in optometric medicine, who are deeply committed to competent and respectful patient care, ethical and impactful scientific research, and who are engaged in compassionate public service that improves the health of the diverse communities in which they serve.

Quality Eye Care For You & Your Family

Our clinic, recognized as the home of the top eye doctor in Provo Utah for exceptional vision care, offers a range of comprehensive eye services. Utilizing advanced precision medical equipment, we diagnose and treat vision problems, ensuring optimal eye care for you and your family.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contacts & Specialty Contact Lenses

Pediatric Eye Care & Visual Learning Center

Vision Therapy & Binocular Vision

Medical Eye Care


Dry Eye


What Others Say

What an awesome experience! The staff was so kind and the eye care was out of this world! The most thorough eye exam that I have ever had! The clinic was beautiful and the optical was well designed and the selection of glasses was great! I will continue my care at the RMU Eye Institute!

JamieHappy Patient

Most friendly and comprehensive eye exam that I have ever had! The new clinic is amazing!

JessicaHappy Patient

The new facility is unbelievable! The staff is so courteous and kind! Looking forward to having my family’s vision care here from now on!

ShantilHappy Patient

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