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Enhancing Patient Care through Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Enhance patient care by joining Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute’s referral program, offering comprehensive vision services and collaborative support for medical professionals.

Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute Referral Program: enhancing patient care through multidisciplinary collaborative eye care.

A Special Invitation to Medical Professionals

Welcome to Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute’s dedicated referral program, created specifically for medical professionals like you. We understand the critical role of comprehensive patient care, and we’re excited to offer a collaborative approach that benefits our mutual patients and enhances your practice.

Why Partner with Our Expert Optometry Team?

Our team of optometrists offers a diverse range of specialized vision services, ensuring comprehensive care for your patients:

  • Dr. Spencer Johnson specializes in Ocular disease, lasers, contact lenses, advanced optometric procedures, and the removal of skin lesions around the eye.
  • Dr. Matthew Orgill brings extensive experience in general optometry, ensuring thorough and accurate eye examinations for all age groups.
  • Dr. Robin Price is our Vision Therapy (VT) and Pediatrics expert, focusing on developmental vision care and rehabilitation.
  • Dr. Robert Roden combines his skills in ocular research with general optometry, contributing to advancements in eye care while providing top-notch clinical services.
  • Dr. Michael Leigh, another key member in general optometry, is dedicated to delivering quality eye care with a patient-centered approach.
  • Dr. Zanna Kruoch specializes in Anterior Segment Disease and Specialty Contact lenses.
  • Dr. Darrin Cummings specializes in Ocular Disease, Glaucoma, Keratoconus management, and removing skin lesions around the eye.
  • Dr. Jacob Robison combines his expertise in general optometry and removing skin lesions around the eye, providing a broad range of eye care services.
  • Dr. Joshua Pratt specializes in Low Vision, helping patients with visual impairments maximize their remaining vision.

By partnering with our team, you ensure your patients receive the most advanced and effective treatment options across a broad spectrum of eye care needs.

Our Commitment to Collaboration

  • Regular Updates: Our optometrists value collaborative care and will regularly update you on your patient’s progress.
  • Respect for Your Patient Relationship: We respect your relationship with your patient. Our role is to supplement your care, not replace it.
  • Seamless Referral Process: Easily refer your patients to our team by faxing the referral or contacting us directly.

How the Referral Program Works

  • Refer a Patient: Fax over your referral or contact us directly.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Our optometrists conduct thorough assessments and create personalized care plans.
  • Regular Correspondence: Receive updates on your patient’s treatment and progress.
  • Continued Care: Patients are referred back to you for ongoing healthcare needs.

Join Us on This Collaborative Journey

Partner with Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute to ensure your patients have access to a full spectrum of vision care, maintaining your crucial role in their health journey.

For more information or to start referring patients, please contact:

Rocky Mountain University Eye Institute
Phone: (385) 248-5550
Fax: (385) 248-5583
Email: [email protected]

Quick reference to match services with the appropriate vision specialist.